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3 Signs You Need a Toilet Leak Repair

If you think about everything you use in your home, your toilet is one of the most important things. After all, you could go without one of your lights for a day or two, but it’s extremely important to have a safe and functioning toilet. If you suspect your toilet is damaged, you should hire a plumber as soon as possible so further damage doesn’t happen. But, sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not you should hire a plumber. That being said, here are three signs you need a toilet leak repair.

  1. toilet installationStanding Water

Regardless of the amount of water, if there’s any standing water around the base of your toilet on the outside, that’s a surefire sign that you should hire a plumber for a toilet leak repair as soon as possible. Any water outside that sits around the outside of your toilet means there is a leak. Even if that leak is minor, if you don’t fix it as soon as possible, it could cause severe water damage.

  1. Cracks

Most of the time, toilet leaks start from the seal. But, that doesn’t mean that leaks only originate at the seal of your toilet. In fact, a lot of minor toilet leaks are caused by small fractures in the tank or bowl. If you find any cracks, even if they’re small, in or around your toilet, be sure to call your plumber to make sure you don’t need a toilet leak repair.

  1. Runs Constantly

Lastly, if your toilet seems to run constantly, especially when you haven’t flushed it, this usually means that your toilet is damaged in some way. While it might be a leak, it could also be an issue with the flapper or overall toilet. The only way you can adequately identify and solve the problem is by hiring a plumber to inspect your toilet.

Repairing Leaky Toilets Near Lancaster SC

Learn 3 Signs That May Indicate A Toilet Leak Repair Is Important

When you stop for the minute to think about everything that you apply regularly in your home, you could know that your toilet is among the most important things. Consider the way you might could do without the lights for a day or more, but developing a safe, functioning toilet is actually essential to have. If you think that your toilet is in all damaged, then you must get a plumber out as quickly as you can so there’s no longer damage happening. However, there are occasions that it will be hard to determine should you get a plumber or otherwise not. With that in mind, here are three indications that you could want to get a toilet leak repaired.

Standing Water

Irrespective of how much water there is certainly, any standing water that’s round the beyond your toilet base can be a surefire signal that you need to have a plumber out for toilet leak repairs just when you can. Water that’s sitting across the toilet exterior indicates a leak. A minor leak that isn’t fixed as promptly as you possibly can could mean serious water damage and mold.


Virtually all toilet leaks will start at the seal. However, that doesn’t mean that leaks only start from your seal. In fact, many minor toilet leaks get brought on by tiny or small fractures inside the bowl or tank. If you discover any cracks, even small ones, in or round the toilet, then make sure that you bring in a plumber to make certain you won’t require a toilet leak repair done.

Constantly Running

Finally, if you think you’re toilet is running on a regular basis, especially when it hasn’t been flushed, then this means a toilet is somehow damaged. It may be a leak, but it may also mean some issue relating to the flapper or the overall toilet. It’s only when you get a plumber into the future out and inspect your toilet that one could sufficiently identify the situation and possess it solved in Lancaster SC.