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4 Signs You Need a Sump Pump Replacement

Even if you have the newest most modern sump pump, you will eventually have to replace your sump pump. But, it can be difficult to decipher whether or not you need a sump pump replacement. That being said, here are four signs you need to replace your sump pump.

  1. Installation of a new sump pumpAge

The age of your sump pump is a good tell of whether or not you need to replace your sump pump. Generally, sump pumps last approximately ten years. Of course, the lifetime of your sump pump can be shorter or longer depending on a variety of factors, such as how often it’s used, the electrical source, and the overall quality of your sump pump. But, if your sump pump is almost ten years old, then you should consider hiring a plumber for a sump pump replacement.

  1. Waterless Pit

If your sump pump is activated, then there should be water in the pit. But, if you notice no water when your sump pump is activated, then that most likely means that your sump pump is malfunctioning.

  1. Clogging

Your sump pump can clog for a variety for reasons. For example, dirt and debris can float into your sump pump and accumulate, which would prohibit water from adequately flowing through it. But, continuous clogging can damage your sump pump over time. If you notice your sump pump clogs a decent amount of time, you should consider looking into a sump pump replacement.

  1. Continuously Running

Your sump pump should only run when it’s raining. But, if you notice your sump pump running during other times, then there is most likely significant damage. While you could always look into getting your sump pump repaired, you should consider a replacement instead because this kind of damage is usually pricy and time consuming to repair.

Replace Your Sump Pump Near Lancaster SC

Read For 4 Signs It’s Time To Get A Sump Pump Replacement

Even if you use a new and up-to-date sump pump, the time can come that you must already have it replaced. However, it could prove hard to figure out when on that day is. With that said, the following are four signs that you might want to get a sump pump replacement now instead of later.


How old your sump pump really is typically let you know if you have to change it. In general, a sump pump should go on for roughly 10 years. That being said, a sump pump’s life cycle can fall shorter or go longer based upon a number of factors, like just how much it gets used, its electrical source, and the general expertise of the sump pump. However, if you current sump pump is closing in on several years, then you need to be looking at plumbers who are able to replace your sump pump.

Waterless Pit

Whenever your sump pump get activated the pit needs to have water within it. However, if you don’t notice or see any water when the sump pump gets activated, then probably, you have a malfunctioning sump pump.


Your sump pump might clog up for a number of reasons. For instance, debris and dirt might float in the sump pump as well as accumulate, that may prohibit water from effectively flowing through it. However, in the event the clogging is continuous, then it can damage the sump pump during the period of time. In the event you notice a sump pump clogging enough times, then you need to take into account replacing it.

Constantly Running

Your sump pump should only be running if it’s raining outside. If you happen to notice that your sump pump is running at in other cases, then there is probably substantial damage. It’s always possible to investigate sump pump repairs, but you might want to also think about replacement since this particular damage is usually expensive and takes time in Lancaster SC.