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5 Signs You Need a Sewer Cleaning

While a completely clogged drain is a surefire sign you need a sewer cleaning, it isn’t the only sign. In fact, most drains that are overdue for a cleaning are still moderately functional. That being said, check out the five most popular signs you need a sewer cleaning.

  1. sewer cleaningSluggish Draining

Sluggish draining is one of the most common signs it’s time for a sewer cleaning. Simply pay attention to your toilet, shower, and washing machine to see if the draining system seems a little slower than usual. If so, it most likely means that there is a clog in your drain.

  1. Standing Water

If you notice water builds up and takes a while to drain in your shower, sink, or washing machine, then you most likely need a sewer cleaning. Standing water is often a sign that your drain problems are worsening. So, it’s important to call a plumber as soon as possible.

  1. Bubbling Sounds

If your drains need to be cleaned, water won’t run properly through the pipes and will make bubbling or gurgling sounds as it tries to push itself. These sounds commonly happen in clogged toilets and sinks.

  1. Bugs

When drains are clogged, they are a harvest ground for bacteria and bugs. While various creepy crawlers can come out of clogged drains, the most common bug you’ll have to deal with are fruit flies. Fruit flies seem to pop up overnight, and they will most likely stain near your drains because they are attracted to the waste that’s building up. That being said, if you want to get rid of your fruit fly problem while simultaneously unclogging your drains, hire a professional for a sewer cleaning service.

  1. Foul Odor

Foul odor is one of the most obvious signs it’s time to clean your drains. When your drains are clogged, they won’t be able to keep all the gross waste smells underground. Instead, the smell will travel to the top of your drains and penetrate your home. Unfortunately, the odor will most likely smell worse than normal because your drains are backed up. Luckily, simply cleaning your sewer and drains will fix this problem and get rid of the foul odor.

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5 Signs That The Sewer Should Be Cleaned

Although a totally clogged drain can be a strong indication that your sewer has to be cleaned, there are more signs at the same time. Most drains, actually, which are overdue to become cleaned are moderately functional still. The following are the 5 most frequent signs that the sewer has to be cleaned.

Sluggish Draining

Among the more common signs which it time for your sewer to get cleaned is sluggish draining. Pay attention to your washer, shower, and toilet to determine if your draining system appears to be a lttle bit slower than usual. Then, then you most likely use a clog in your drain.

Standing Water

If you have water accumulating that can take serious amounts of drain in your washer, sink, or shower, you then probably are in need of a sewer cleaning. Very often standing water is actually a sign that drain problems are getting worse. Therefore, it is essential that you just contact a plumber as quickly as possible.

Bubbling Sounds

When a drain requires cleaning, water will not run correctly from the pipes plus a gurgling or bubbling sound will likely be made since it efforts to push itself through. Those sounds commonly happen in clogged sinks and toilets.


Every time a drain is clogged, it attracts bugs and bacteria. Although several different creepy crawlers might come out of a clogged drain, fruit flies are the most typical sort of bug that you will need to handle. Fruit flies may seem to show up overnight, where there will probably be stains close to your drains since they are fascinated by all the waste that may be accumulating. To remove fruit flies whilst unclogging your drains at the same time, you need professional sewer cleaning service from the plumber.

Foul Odor

One of the more obvious signs is foul odor to indicate that the drains should be cleaned. Whenever you do have a clogged drain, it will be not able to keep all of the nasty waste smells underground. The smell instead will travel up to the top level of your drain and penetrate into the home. The odor will, unfortunately, more than likely smell far worse than normal as a result of drains being backed up. Fortunately, cleaning your drains and sewer will fix the problem and eliminate the foul odor near Rock Hill SC.