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Garbage Disposal Installation


Should You Do Your Garbage Disposal Installation By Yourself?

While a garbage disposal might seem like an insignificant element in your kitchen, it’s actually one of the most useful ones. With a fully functioning modern garbage disposal, you can get rid of food in an efficient and easy way. This makes cooking and cleaning your kitchen easier than ever before. Whether you want a garbage disposal, or simply want to replace your current one, you have the option of installing your garbage disposal by yourself. But, does that mean you should? Continue reading to decide whether you should do your garbage disposal installation by yourself.

garbage disposal installationGather Materials

Gathering materials is the first step you’re going to have to take if you decide to do your own garbage disposal installation. In order to get an exact list of the materials you need, do some research about what kind of garbage disposal is right for you and the tools you need to install that kind of garbage disposal.

Generally, you should expect to purchase a garbage disposal, which can cost anywhere from $50 to $250. Also, you’ll need a screwdriver, wrench, and putty. While you might only need a screwdriver and wrench, it’s advised you have access to a standard tool kit in case you discover you need a different sized screwdriver or another tool.

Do Your Research

After collecting your materials, be sure to do extensive research on how you can do your garbage disposal installation. Since this isn’t a common project, it’s important you have a full understanding on how to adequately remove your old garbage disposal and safely install your new one.

Install Your Garbage Disposal

Once you feel confident in your understanding of how to install a new garbage disposal, test your skills by doing the installation. It’s important to note that it will probably take a decent amount of time to complete the installation process. So, make sure you plan your installation for a day you have a lot of free time.

Try It

After installing your garbage disposal, try to use it. This is the final test because you will be able to identify whether or not you adequately installed your garbage disposal.

Hire a Plumber

After reading this, you might think that a DIY garbage disposal installation is completely doable. While some homeowners have successfully installed their own garbage disposals, it usually doesn’t go smoothly. The reality is, installing your own garbage disposal is difficult, time consuming, and costly. Often, homeowners have to hire a plumber to fix their garbage disposal after they have attempted to install it themselves. That’s why it’s a better idea to skip the DIY part, and simply hire a plumber to do your entire installation.

Install Your New Garbage Disposal Near Clover SC

Do I Need To Replace My Garbage Disposal?

Unfortunately, every appliance dies soon or later. Your garbage disposal could eventually must be replaced in the course of time, but it can be hard to share with when that is certainly. Here are three common signs you need to employ a plumber to obtain your garbage disposal replaced.

Dull Blades

Your garbage disposal’s main function is chopping up food and getting rid of it properly. However, as the garbage disposal ages and gets used more, its blades will begin to turn dull. Because of this the garbage disposal will be unable to grind and chop food as quickly because it did previously. Although which is totally normal for the older garbage disposal, you have to act quickly before the garbage disposal experiences further damage or completely malfunctions.

Unfixable Leaks

If the kitchen sink is leaking, employ a plumber to repair the leak as quickly as possible. Sink leaks can cause lots of water damage and mold should they be not fixed immediately. Although you can easily repair most sink leaks, at times they could be unfixable. When that develops, you could have to switch the whole sink, including getting your garbage disposal replaced.

You Might Be Renovating Your Property

You might need to change your garbage disposal for reasons other than damage. You should change it when you are renovating your house, for instance. The truth is, it is a great idea to place the garbage disposal whenever you are replacing the sink since you will not must pay the labor and service fees for getting a plumber later on should your garbage disposal and sink are replaced as well.

However, whether you eventually notice any signs that your particular garbage disposal is damaged, or perhaps you just wish to revamp all your home appliances, make sure to call your plumber any moment that you need or wish to have your garbage disposal replaced near Clover SC.